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Echelon Capitals Overview

Echelon Capitals was registered in the year 2010 as a private company limited by shares, memorandum and articles of association. Since then, Echelon Capitals has grown to be a reputable institution and has earned respect in carrying on business or otherwise acquiring properties, purchase, buy, sell land, plots apartments, estates, industrial, commercial and residential properties. It evolved from silvalife investment company which only dealt with buying and selling of land and sub-dividing it into plots but the directors decided to expand the business so as to purchase and sell for any persons freehold, leasehold and ore other houses, property, buildings or any share or shares, interest or interests therein, and to transact on commission or otherwise the general business of land agent.

Our Mission

To provide dignified and habitable environment to our esteemed clients all year round.

Our Vision

To be leading company in the provision of quality and affordable assets acquiring and  management services.

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